Free Capacity Building Workshop 

iDebate are proud to announce it's latest Train the Trainer workshop with the Tony Blair Global Institute on Essential Dialogue Skills for the classroom. This workshop is aimed at youth professionals, debate coaches and educators. If you are interested in developing a tolerant diverse society through debate and dialogue then please join us on the 24th of May.


The workshop will cover

NGO "New Vision", in partnership with Dnipro State Regional Administration, invites educational institutions of Ukraine and different countries to take part in the XII International Debate Tournament for secondary and high school students "XII DNIPRO OPEN 2020".

The XII Dnipro Open 2020 debate for secondary and high school students will take place in the city of Dnipro from February 21 to February 23, 2020, according to the standards of the IDEA International Debate Educational Association.

Debaters' Council of Sri Lanka is proud to invite you to its international debate tournament being organized this April in Colombo.


Dates: Thursday, 23rd April (Arrival) - Monday, 27th April 2020 (Departures)

Venue: St Thomas' College, Mount Lavinia

Accommodation: Ozo Hotel, Colombo

Tournament Format: WSDC format (all rounds will be impromptu)  

Team Cap: 60 teams

Registration deadline: February 29, 2020

Break: Open break to Octo-finals and separate break for national teams


Za in proti, zavod za kulturo dialoga/Pro et contra, institute for culture of dialogue kindly invites you to the 12h International Worlds Schools Debate Academy in beautiful Kranjska gora, Slovenia from 21 – 29 June, 2020.

ARRIVAL DAY is Sunday, the 21st of June with an introduction to the WSDA in the evening, training program starts on Monday morning.

DEPARTURE DAY Monday, 29th June after breakfast or evening on Sunday, 28 June.

Slovenian national debate organisation Za in proti, zavod za kulturo dialoga/Pro et contra, Institute for culture of dialogue and  high school Gimnazija Franca Miklošiča Ljutomer kindly invite you to the 18th International High  School Debate Tournament, which will be held from  4th  (arrivals) – 8 (departures) March 2020 in Ljutomer, Slovenia.

Team cap: 48 teams
Rounds: 6 debate rounds, quarterfinals, semi-finals and finals.
Debates will be in English in Worlds Schools Debate Format. Rounds will be power paired.

Learn how to judge debates with iDebate on the 5th December. It will be an engaging evening for anyone who is interested in the art of listening to other’s speeches and weighing up the relative merits of various competing arguments. The art of judging is different from that of debating so even if you are too shy to debate, or not good with public speaking, do give it a go.

iDebate's World Debate Clubs will be debating gender identity and labeling in a public debate to mark the 50th anniversary of the Sexual Offences Act.

We will be debating the motion: This House believes that labels like “LGB and T” will be irrelevant to future generations in our increasingly gender-fluid world.

The debate will take place from 18:00 to 20:00 on Wednesday 29th November. It will be taking place at City Hall.

Do come along and support our students at the event! 

The Great Debaters Competition is the annual showpiece of the Great Debaters Club, a social enterprise that trains its members to broaden their perspective by defending opinions other than their own.

The competition aims to offer a platform to organisations that are striving to change social attitudes towards an idea considered to be controversial, taboo, or simply ahead of its time by inviting them to decide the topics our members will debate, irrespective of their own personal opinions on them.

Do you want to brush up your public speaking and training skills? iDebate in the UK will be running our monthly masterclass with a focus on public speaking and public debates on the 7th November. The topic for the month is LGBT rights as this year marks the 50th anniversary of the decriminalisation of Homosexuality. Attitudes in the UK have come on by leaps and bounds since then but where do we go next? What are the issues for the LGBT community over the next 50 years? That will be what we will be discussing in this session.

Are you:

If you are in London and want to help iDebate then come along to IDEA UK's training on Thursday 19th October. We will be introducing university students to how they can volunteer with iDebate, the programme here in the UK, and why it is good for you to volunteer with us. 

The training wil take place from 15:00-17:00 at Tech City College - nearest Angel and Old Street tube stations (northern line bank branch).