‘fuelling the power of persuasion’

IDEA trainer Ahmed Al aagam gives last minute tips a debate on lowering the voting age


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iDebate's (IDEA UK) vision is to 'fuel the power of persuasion' and by doing so provide young people with the opportunity to develop advocacy and employability skills enabling them to be active, open, tolerant citizens in the 21st century.

We use debate education programmes to promote the social mobility and social inclusion of young people by developing advocacy and employability skills such as critical thinking, critical consumption skills, divergent thinking, analysis, public speaking, active listening, advocacy, and teamwork by mentoring them to debate and advocate on issues important to them.



Our activities have three strands:

  1. The introduction, establishment and development of independent debate clubs and programs, particularly focused on teaching debate to marginalised youth as a means of teaching key communication skills to increase confidence and self-esteem;
  2. Capacity building educators and community leaders to use debate as a means to help address social issues, develop public advocacy skills, citizenship, human rights awareness, and conflict resolution;
  3. Developing innovative educational materials, including online resources, to introduce debate education into the curriculum of schools and colleges in the UK working with disadvantaged youth as well as outside the mainstream education system.


iDebate (IDEA UK) is a registered charity (charity number 1139452)


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