World University Debating Championship (WUDC)

The World Universities Debate Championship (WUDC), dubbed as the “Olympics of debating”, is an annual gathering of the world’s best debaters and public speakers. The popularity of debating has grown dramatically over the last few years with the total number of institutions that have participated in WUDC reaching over 400 as of the 2009 Championship.

The De La Salle Debate Society (LSDS) will host WUDC on December 27, 2011 - January 4, 2012 at De La Salle University as part of the University’s Centennial Celebration. 

The Debates will be contested in the British Parliamentary format with 9 elimination rounds that will determine the top 32 teams who will compete to the penultimate rounds which will eventually culminate to the Grand Finals. Separate categories for public speaking, English as a Second Language, and English as a Foreign Language will also be held.


Important Registration Details:


INSTITUTIONAL CAP: 3 teams per institution
FEES:  Php 23,500.00 per debater or adjudicator (385Euros)
             Php 40,000 per observer (600Euros)