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​Watch full FREE signup CLICK HERE !!! ►► Watch HD Click Here =>> sec ago - Wanna know '''How to Watch Ghost Town Anthology Online Free?[123-MOVIE]Ghost Town Anthology!(2019) Full Movie Watch online free HQ[DvdRip-USA eng subs ]]Ghost Town Anthology ! (2019) Full Movie Watch onlinefree 123 Movies Online!! Ghost Town Anthology (2019) Release Date : 2019-03-24 (97min)Tagline : Genres : DramaProduction Companies: Couzin FilmsProduction Countries : CanadaSYNOPSIS :It is a small village somewhere in Quebec with only 215 inhabitants. When young Simon Dubé dies in a car accident, the villagers’ tranquil and regulated existence is thrown out of step. People are decidedly reluctant to talk about the accident. Time seems to lose all meaning. Snowy, frosty winter days stretch out into infinity. Mysterious figures emerge from the fog and commit strange acts. But what seems strange is sometimes more familiar than one might suspect.