The University College London Union Debating Society invites you to joins us for our main IV competition for the year, the UCL IV 2012, which is being held on Saturday the 10th of March 2012.

The CA team will be headed by Rebecca Meredith (Cambridge; Manila Worlds' 2012 Octo-Finalist; winner of the Trinity IV 2011) and Maria English (Cambridge; Botswana Worlds' Semi-Finalist; winner of the ESU International Mace 2010). The DCAs will be Richard Hopps (Warwick, Euros Quarter-finalist) and Craig Docherty (Euros Semi-Final Judge and multiple IV Finalist).

We welcome spectators if someone doesn’t feel confident enough to debate or would prefer to be involved in a swing team.


Registration is £40 per team. Please email Rupert (rcabman@hotmail.com) with how many teams you expect to send. Since the competition has limited numbers, please register as soon as possible. Do let us know if the number of teams you wish to send changes!
There is no team cap, but please send a helpful number of judges along with them (n-1 rule applies).
Payment can be made on the day of the competition either in cash or a cheque (in the name of UCLU Debating Society).

Contact Information

As the tournament approaches, should you have any pressing questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

General Enquiries (Co-Conveners):
Rupert Cabbell Manners 07768 242727
Natalia Voinova 07538 238363