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​Watch full FREE signup CLICK HERE !!! ►► film fr en Labour Power Plant VF 2019 Film streaming CompletCLIQUEZ SUR LE LIEN>> SUR LE LIEN>> de sortie : 2019-02-11 (85min) | Genres : | sociétés de production : Spectre Productions, Weltfilm, Volte Slagen | pays de production : France, Germany | SYNOPSIS ET DÉTAILS:A new production center, maybe set in an undetermined future. What is being produced here? We shall find out by following the given traces. Two pairs of hands trying to untangle themselves. A human sheep virtually cut into pieces. A warm welcome to the authors and actors of their lives. Stories being told, their narrators dissected. When the gates open, those leaving Labour Power Plant have been made fit for the demands of the labour market. The next production cycle begins… People with their own wills, interests, and desires are being equipped with the different physiological, cognitive, psychological, and social core competencies to transform them into human resources. Meanwhile, the management is introducing new methods to enrich the products with the innovative features of ‘self-evaluation’, ‘self-optimisation’, and, most importantly, ‘self-fulfilment’. A series of interventions are performed, leading to an assembly that may appear strange at first sight.