The PwC Southampton Open 2012

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The University of Southampton Debating Society is delighted to introduce The PwC Southampton Open 2012! Taking place all in one day – April 21st 2012 – we'll be bringing you interesting and challenging motions, with a fantastic CA team. Crash available for the Friday and Saturday nights (and Sunday if required). Snacks and FREE DINNER provided for you, and a Social at Southampton's legendary Hobbit Pub (with Lord of the Rings themed cocktails) provided on the Saturday.
4 Rounds of debating with 5 minute speeches breaking to semi finals.
CA: Sheraz Qureshi
DCAs: Jennie Hope, Kyalo Burt-Fulcher and Isabelle Lee
Entry Fee: £30 per team, £25 if paid in advance. N-1 Rule applies.
Date: 21st April 2012
Venue: Murray Building, Highfield Campus, University of Southampton (campus map here:
Please email for more information.
Travel from Southampton Central Station: Get the U1A bus from outside the exit by platform 4 (£2 single , £3 day rider) and get off at the Highfield Interchange.
Travel from Southampton Airport/Southampton Airport Parkway: Get the U1C bus to the Highfield Interchange.
There will be committee members on hand to direct anyone from the interchange bus stop to the relevant rooms, finding the building isn't your first challenge of the day!
A fun day of interesting motions, heated debate, free food and lord of the rings themed cocktails... what more could you ask for?!
8.00 - Registration Opens
9:30 – Registration Closes
10:00 – Round 1
11:45 – Round 2
13:15 – Lunch
14:00 – Round 3
15:45 – Round 4
17:30 onwards– break + social.