Morgan Stanley Oxford IV 2011

The Morgan Stanley Oxford IV 2011 will held by the Oxford Union, from the 10-12th of November. 

International Package:

Arrive on Thursday 10th November, we'll help you settle in and take you to one of the famous Thursday night debates in the Oxford Union Chamber. This will be followed by a private cocktail party before you head off to your crash. Friday morning tours of Oxford will complete the experience while you wait for everyone else to arrive!

IONA Package:

Arrive on Friday 11th November with the first two rounds Friday evening. Enjoy a (quiet?) social in the Union on Friday night and we'll provide crash. The rest of the debates will take place on Saturday, and afterwards you can enjoy Oxford's usual generous booze and food (maybe even a hog roast...) plus some top secret entertainment. 

IONA registrations open September 1st. Please note there is a team cap of three teams per institution as well as a tournament cap and an international cap, if you register after the cap has been filled we will add you to our waiting list.

Registration can be done at:

All queries should be directed at: