Mixed Teams Track Tournament 2012

The Mixed Team Track (MTT) has been the core of the Youth Forum since its beginning. Believing in its true virtue of multiculturalism, we create a nurturing atmosphere to allow for an unforced exchange of ideas and standpoints to various issues of debate and areas of life.
After Karl Popper Debate Championship (KPDC) organizers divide student debaters into international (or “mixed”) teams, assuring the greatest national, linguistic and debate experience diversity of each team. This team works together on preparing a new set of topics with an international team of debate coaches and trainers.
The teams attend various sessions and work individually with their coaches and trainers. The emphasis of  this track is on international cooperation and learning rather than competition. Students will improve their debating and public speaking skills and learn about case construction, argumentation and refutation, cross examination and delivery.
Additionally participants research, discuss and provide argumentation about a specific topic chosen in advance. Participants receive basic materials that provide some information on the topic, but are also encouraged to research the topic further. Moreover participants spend considerable time on preparing the cases for the mixed team competition.
Following the preparation phase, international mixed teams enter the International Debate Tournament, which is similar to the KPDC; the only difference being that debating teams do not represent their nations. The MTT is open for all students who will continue high school after attending the YF.
The prepared motion for the MTT this year is “Ethnic profiling to fight crime is justified”.