Manchester IV

Manchester Debating Union is proud to invite you to its annual Debating Competition held on February 24-26th!As before, this year again, we are offering you a perfect competition with good quality debates, fun socials and even better motions, prepared by our fantastic CAs Manos Moschopoulos and Harish Natarajan.Moreover, this year we are awarding the best team with the cash prize of £200!!On Saturday we will host 5 preliminary rounds of 5-minute speeches and on Sunday we will enjoy main break out rounds and ESL semi-finals & finals both with 7 minute speeches! Registration is £45 in advance for UK teams, (£50 on the day) and £30 for Irish and international teams (£35 on the day). N-1 rules apply and independent judges are most welcome. Note there is no limit to the number of teams an institution may send.Registration will be open on December 1st!Further announcements will be made in due course.As for now, if you have any queries or if you would like to register as an independent judge, contact us at info at: Stonyte and Traian ZahariaManchester IV 2012 co-convenors