Leeds Open

The Leeds Debating Union returns with our annual competition, this year made even better, returning to our original status as an Open. 

We Bring you:

1. First Person Motions-all debates will be set around the actions of an individual agent, rather than the actions of a government. 

2. An Amazing CA team, consisting of:

CA: Ben Woolgar-European Champion & Worlds Best Speaker

DCA: Guy Miscampbell - Worlds Quarterfinalist, Cambridge & Oxford Finalist

DCA: Ben Lau-Scottish Mace Champion, Bogwall 2010 Champion, Finalist at GUU Ancients & UCD Vice President's Cup

3. Five Rounds

We will run 5 rounds of 7 minute speeches over two days of debating. 

4. Break to Semi-finals 

5. Friday night Karaoke social-get you glee on!

6. Saturday night carvery dinner-Full roast dinner for all speaks & judges in one of Leeds' best brewhouse pubs. 

We can now confirm that registration will be £50 for UK teams, £30 for Irish teams and free for international teams. 

ADVANCE REG: there will be a £10 discount for payments made before the 3rd March 2012. Payments can be made either in cash to James Wood, or by BACS transfer to the society, please email us to arrange this. 

Further details, including the social, timetable and tabulation will be finalised in the next few days, Registration will open soon. 

for any enquiries please email leedsdebatingunion@googlemail.com, or contact James Wood on 07854 765911