Is internationalisation a threat to university education?

Going Global is a series of international educational conferences hosted by the British Council. It offers an open forum for policy makers and practitioners from around the world to discuss issues facing the international education community. Since its inception in 2004, Going Global has grown from a bi-annual event in the UK to an annual event that alternates between the UK and a different international location. Each year it attracts over 1,000 delegates from across the further and higher education sectors and a variety of other industries with perspectives on international education.

The International Debate Education Association (IDEA: presents a student debate in the British Parliamentary format, the most popular university-level competitive format, featuring four teams made up of eight invited students and recent graduates from different countries. The topic of the debate is phrased in the tradition of university parliamentary debate: 'This House believes that internationalisation is a threat to university education'.
Two of the teams defend the motion of the debate while the other two oppose it. Student speakers use arguments and public speaking skills to persuade delegates to support their side in the debate. After the debate, speakers and delegates will have an opportunity to express their own views on the topic and evaluate the debate itself in floor speeches.
The session concludes with a question and session about the objectives and implementation of debate programmes at universities and student-led societies.
IDEA promotes educational debate in universities and secondary schools all over the world, as a means of developing students' critical thinking and communication skills. Focusing on young people and their communities, IDEA's mission is to promote mutual understanding and democracy globally by supporting discussion and active citizenship locally.