IDEA: Why Teach Debate?

The International Debate Education Association is providing the chance to debaters, educators, youth activists, legal students and professionals the opportunity to empower youth in the art of influence and persuasion.

IDEA's vision is to not just improve the social mobility of young people but also to develop their future leaderships skills through our debate education programmes, enabling them to be economically active citizens in the 21st Century. We work towards the social inclusion of marginalised youth by developing future skills, including critical thinking, critical consumption skills, divergent thinking, analysis, public speaking, active listening and teamwork. We do this by mentoring them to debate human rights issues relevant to their everyday lives in weekly Debate Clubs and tournaments.

If you are interested in becoming an IDEA Fellow to create an impact on the lives of many young people in the UK, this is your chance to give back to society. The event aims to introduce the IDEA Fellowship programme where we welcome interested parties to learn the beauty of art of persuasion and become part of a growing community of debate educators in the UK.


Workshop Agenda

18:00- 18:30 Registration & Networking
18:30- 18:45 Introduction of IDEA Fellowship by Bien King
18:45- 19:00 Building up Confidence & Mindset for Debate by Duncan Crowe
19:00- 19:15 Why teach debate? (Experience sharing) by Alex Krishnamoorthy-Cavell & Duncan Crowe
19:15- 19:30 Learn debate (Improving skills) by Alex Krishnamoorthy-Cavell & Duncan Crowe
19:30- 20:00 Impromptu debate
20:00- 20:30 Networking


Benefits of becoming an IDEA Fellow

-Access to top quality bespoke training materials produced for the World Debate Club syllabus by IDEA
-Access to bespoke video tutorials
-Monthly Workshops & Networking events
-Experience of coaching students who will be participating in competitions and other amazing opportunities
-Travel & other related-activity reimbursements
-For students who wish to explore corporate links, you will be paired with an IDEA partner from the corporate world with a background in public speaking or debate with whom you will deliver IDEA World Debate Club programme together

We provide free-access to IDEA social events, opportunities to represent IDEA to international debating events as an adjudicator. We are also working with our corporate partners to provide unique and rewarding internship and work experience opportunities within their companies in conjunction with this programme.

For any questions or concerns, please email


Sign up for the training on the 21st at eventbrite. This is a part of the IDEA Fellowship which you can sign up for at our form on iDebate or Escape the City.