IDEA Fellows Workshop: Debate and Facilitation Skills

Join us for the third in our series of IDEA Fellows workshops on debate and facilitation skills.

The IDEA Fellows help run iDebate's World Debate Clubs in schools and FE Colleges around London this training will introduce you to many of the skills you need both to debate and to run a club for young people. 

You can also join us if you are just interested in learning to debate or burnishing your public speaking skills (for a small fee, it is free for those signing up to be fellows).

For the first time we will be running two programmes at once, an introduction to the programme and a more advanced workshop.

Introductory workshop:

Led by Bien King this workshop will introduce the IDEA Fellowship and cover the basics of debating.

Advanced workshop:

Led by Duncan Crowe our more advanced debaters will be going into greater depth on debate and how to teach debate to young people.

Both groups will be brought together towards the end of the session to have a practice debate. 

If you are interested you can find out more and sign up on eventbrite.

IDEA Fellows training