IDEA Fellows Masterclass: Judging

Learn how to judge debates with iDebate on the 5th December. It will be an engaging evening for anyone who is interested in the art of listening to other’s speeches and weighing up the relative merits of various competing arguments. The art of judging is different from that of debating so even if you are too shy to debate, or not good with public speaking, do give it a go.

IDEA UK is particularly looking for people in and around the London area who can help out with judging a competition on the 9th December. The competition, the London iDebate Cup, is a day long introductory competition for participants in our World Debate Clubs, most of which only started in the last couple of months. So we are looking for judges who can provide guidance and ideas to new debaters on how they can improve in future. Judges would not have to attend for the whole event.

The training takes place from 18:00 but the first bit will be an introduction to the World Debate Club programme. If you are already involved or know about the programme you may wish to come along for 18:30.