Dutch Open

The Dutch Open 2012!
30th & 31st March

The Erasmus Debating Society and the Leiden Debating Union will jointly bring you the very first Dutch Open!

Teams: € 50-
Judges: Free
Team cap is 52 teams
N-1 will apply for domestic institutions. There is no judging rule for non-domestic institutions, but we welcome and encourage them to send judges.
An institutional cap of 3 will apply to Dutch institutions

At this moment crash is only guaranteed for non-domestic institutions and those having to travel far (e.g. Groningen/Middelburg)

Reg is open now!
Registration will be open till the 1st of March, more information concerning payment will be sent after registration. 

The IV:
language: English
5 preliminary rounds
7 min speeches 
Break to semi’s 
Novice final!
All meals provided on Friday and Saturday
Two Socials!

Rogier Baart (WUDC ESL finalist, EUDC ESL semi-finalist, DCA of the upcoming Dutch Nationals)
Becky West (EUDC semi-finalist, Berlin IV winner, multiple IV finals)
Marcus Ewald (WUDC ESL quarter-finalist, German Nationals winner and CA)
Joe Roussos (DLSU Worlds DCA, Pan-Africans CA, Oxford IV finalist)

The Dutch Open takes place at the Kamerlingh Onnes Gebouw in Leiden

Leiden is only a 20 min train ride away from Schiphol Airport(Amsterdam). But has good public transport connections to Rotterdam and Eindhoven Airport as well. If you are traveling from Germany or France the train would also be a good option to consider.

From Leiden central station it is only a short walk to the university

Kamerlingh Onnes Gebouw (KOG)
Steenschuur 25 
2311 ES Leiden

Time Table:
14.00 reg
15.30 Welcome and announcements
16.30 Dinner
18.30 round 1
20.30 Round 2
22.00 Social

10.00 reg
11.15 round 3
13.00 lunch
13.45 round 4
15.30 round 5
17.30 semi finals
19.30 dinner
21.30 finals
23.30 Social + results

More info: