British Parliamentary Track Tournament 2012

As British Parliamentary (BP) debating gains in popularity all over the world, receiving training for this particular debate format will benefit your debating career.
The advantages of BP are not limited to the connections you immediately make to debaters around the world. As an extemporaneous format of debating, BP offers debaters the opportunity to engage a variety of controversial issues.
With ample opportunity for debaters to interact through the use of “points of information”, the format is particularly appealing to audiences. But perhaps the most unique characteristic of the BP format is that rather than the typical two teams engaged in debate, BP debating features four teams, two on the “proposition” and two on the “opposition”.
Each of these teams is independent of the others, prepares separately and is ranked from first to fourth at the end of the round. The addition of two teams to the debate opens the door to a depth of analysis and a level of strategy not accessible in traditional two-team debate.
This year’s BPT will focus on the differences between two- and four-team debating, the unique roles and responsibilities of each speaker in a BP round, how to prepare and defend cases, the organization and structure of a BP round and advanced strategy and tactics for BP debating. Every effort will be made to connect the training to the style of debate practiced at the World Championships and at intervarsity tournaments around the world.
Additionally we will offer a session on how to run a debate club, recruit members and run competitions: skills very much needed in the world of university debating.