Belgrade EUDC 2012

This is the group for the upcoming European Universities Debating Championship to be held in Belgrade, Serbia, from August 5-11, 2012.

The University of Belgrade and the Open Communication Debating Network host this year’s EUDC, the major regional British Parliamentary format competition for Europe. 220 teams will compete for the prizes, won by Oxford (open break) and Tel Aviv (ESL break) last year. IDEA will be providing live streaming and social media coverage of the event.

The Adjudication team includes Art Ward (UCC), Isabelle Fischer (Bonn), Filip Dobranic (Ljubljana), Ben Woolgar (Oxford), Stephen Boyle (UCD) and Manos Moschopoulos (Athens)

For more information, visit our website at or e-mail our Convenor Milan Vignjevic at and our Chief Adjudicator Art Ward at