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Our vision is to empower marginalised young people today to be active citizens tomorrow. Through debate, our mission is to give young people’s ideas a voice others can hear and listen to, for change to happen.

Why Debate?

Debate helps to build self-confidence, think critically and listen actively to other people’s points of view whilst defending your own position. Debate also promotes mutual understanding and respect for one another.

It is only through continually developing our education curricula on life learning debate and argumentation skills through our Train the Trainer programme that IDEA can continue to provide a platform for the open exchange of ideas and dialogue at home and across our IDEA Network: IDEA Central (Brussels), IDEA NL, IDEA UK, IDEA South East Europe (SEE), IDEA Central Asia (CA) and Middle East North Africa (MENA).

What we do

Support us in educating young people to speak up with confidence.
Support us in nurturing dialogue and mutual understanding.
Support us in influencing social and political change through participation.


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