This House would replace Christmas with a festival for everyone

Christmas is traditionally seen as a Christian religious festival whereby the birth of Jesus is celebrated, it is celebrated by Christians annually around the entire world, however it presence as a festival is arguably strongest in the western world where Christianity was historically and still tends to be the dominant religion. However, many Western nations are, like no other time before, much more multicultural with communities no longer being entirely Christian but being made-up of an elaborate mix of belief systems such as Hinduism, Sikhism or even Atheism to name but a few. Many religions as well as Christianity also celebrate festivals around the winter period and those which belong to belief systems that do not have events around Christmas time still often join in with the festivities in a non-religious capacity, this has led to some people and organizations rather than wishing people Merry Christmas, which is a religious specific, to using greetings such as Happy Holidays. As a result there is an accusation claiming that this change in language is "de-Christianizing" Christmas; media copy around this argument is now annual fodder for news organizations with many claiming that Christmas has been banned; stories can, for example, range from primary schools in Britain choosing not to stage a traditional nativity play, to American public authorities not being allowed to put up a crib display, and public displays of festive lights being renamed "Winterval", "Winter Lights" or "Luminos". So if Christmas is no longer a Christian festival, should Western states effectively ban it in public spaces and replace Christmas celebrations with generic celebrations of the holiday season?


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