Idebate needs editors from around the world to check, moderate and create content for debatabase and the site more generally. Editors are vital in making the site run smoothly and ensuring that debates are as informative as possible.

Editors have several roles:

  1.  Editors are in charge of individual debates; when users make suggestions through the ‘improve this’ function the suggestion needs to be screened and often edited, making sure that this happens and deciding what changes to pass on to curators to be implemented in the debate is the primary role of the editors. Editors may have this role for more than one debate and there may be more than one editor per debate.
  2. Updating debates; as time goes on debates become out of date, examples may no longer be relevant and viewpoints change. We need editors to help keep their debate up to date.
  3. Activity, as part of the role of being in charge of a debate editors should take the lead in responding to discussions about their debate and in encouraging debates in surrounding areas.
  4. Editors may also wish to help with creating new debatabase entries, this may be done individually or in teams. Editors can suggest new debates to work on or may work on debates that IDEA wants created.

What qualifications do I need to be an editor?

  • Good English language skills: you will need to be correcting language submitted by users.
  • Working knowledge of the debate you are interested in editing: This will usually mean you have been taught about it or studied it but it may just be an area you are particularly interested in.
  • Objectivity: Our debates are supposed to have two sides. We don’t want editors skewing their debates too much to one side, if you are biased in a debate you wish to edit please state your position and we will see about having someone with the opposite bias edit the debate as well to help balance.

If you are interested in being a debatabase editor, please complete the form below.

N.B. due to uncertainty over what exactly editors will be doing after the next update to debatabase we are not currently accepting applications to be a debate editor. We do however still want you to contribute to the Debatabase. If you are interested in contributing please get involved in writing your own debates.

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