Be a debatabase curator

If you are an academic or highly knowledgeable about a particular debate could you give an hour or two a month to curate a debate? Curators take on the role of curator for an individual debate in which they are experts in the field. Curators help give Debatabase debates authority, they check the debate for accuracy and completeness. After the initial checking of the debate the curators can be relatively hands off and let editors do most of the work. The curator then simply needs to accept or reject suggestions for changes that are made to them by the editors working on the debate.


For the debate they have chosen the curators role is:

  • Check the debate for accuracy and make suggestions for areas that need changing, new points that may be needed or arguments that need taking out.
  • Provide a further reading list to the debate to give users the opportunity to research in depth elsewhere if they so choose.
  • Accept or reject suggestions for changes that are submitted by editors.


More interested in writing or editing Debatabase debates?

If this is the case, please read 'Interested in writing for Debatabase?'


What qualifications do I need to be a curator?

Be highly qualified in the subject area of the debate: Ideally you should have published something on the debate or a nearby subject area but it may also simply have been your field of work for an extended period.

A willingness to be objective towards the debate: If you have strong views on a debate you would like to curate please let us know so that we can search for another curator with the opposite viewpoint to share the role.

If you you would like to be a curator for a debate, please complete the details below:


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