What we do

We are a global Network of organisations who educates people in debate in order to give young people a voice for their ideas. Young people have a lot to say; debating provides a platform for them to speak up and be heard in a safe and structured environment.

We aspire to be the world's leading provider of debate education, offering debate resources, debate training and debate events to educators, youth groups and young people across the world.

  • We run debate events for young people aged between 11 to 30, especially those who are marginalized - LGBT and ethnic communities, civic rights groups, supporters of gender diversity and democracy, and the socially and politically excluded.
  • We foster a worldwide network of debating clubs in schools, universities and local communities;
  • We promote tolerance and mutual understanding through informed dialogue and information;
  • We give educational debate training and provide authoritative teaching tools and an online debate resource debatabase which is home to the top 100 debates written by experienced debaters from around the world, attracting over 2.5 million visitors annually.