Debate Clubs

Debate clubs are formed within schools, universities, youth clubs and community centers. Although they are usually initiated at the school level, they can also be formed in community and youth centers in countries where political conditions make it difficult to work within the school system. These clubs may then function as an educational programme offered by the particular institution.

What does a debate club do?

At the club level, debating teams, along with their coaches and other club members, prepare for tournaments and serve the broader school community. Parents, teachers, and community members are encouraged to participate as judges, fundraisers, and volunteers within the club programme. Clubs sponsor local events such as public debates and strive to encourage the democratic exchange of ideas throughout the region.

Debate clubs are as inclusive as possible (see starting a debate club for more on club composition), and students of differing ages, grades, and abilities are encouraged to participate and contribute to the club and its efforts.

Debate Clubs as the Foundation of Independent National Debate Organizations

The debate club serves as the starting point from which, ideally, an independent national debate organization will arise.