Colm Flynn

Speaker CV: 

Worlds in Cork 1996. (Robbed of the break. Well not really but the tabroom losing a ballot from a round we won didn't help)

Twice Finalist in Galway National Law debates. (Once against three Galway teams. We were not the crowd favourite that night. The second time I was opening government and was knifed…. by my team mate)

Finalist and best speaker at the Waterford IV (Yes there used to be one. No it was not much more prestigious then than it is now).

Semi Finalist at Cork and possibly Glasgow Ancients (but that could have been a QF can't remember but do remember getting my ass handed to me by the then World Champions. I still have nightmares)

Semi Finalist in the Times and Mace.

Semi finalist at World Masters in Sydney 2000 (where I was Opening Government and was then knifed......BY MY TEAM MATE!  I’m seeing a pattern here!).

And my proudest moment: Winner of the Ciaran Tracey (back when some people here were still trying to master the art of peeing in a potty).

Judge CV: 

1996 Limerick IV Final Judge, Concern Schools Semi Final

1997 Limerick IV Final Judge, Irish Times & Mace Judge

1998 Worlds Athens 1998 Adjudicator, Irish Times & Mace Judge

1999 Euros: Amsterdam 1999 Grand Final. Limerick IV Final Judge, Irish Times & Mace Judge

2000 Worlds Sydney 2000 Masters Semi Finalist, Adjudicator Prelim Rounds, Cork IV Final Judge, Limerick IV Final Judge, ULU Final Judge, Irish Times & Mace Judge,

2001 Worlds Glasgow 2001 Adjudicator, Cork IV Final Judge, CA Limerick IV Final Judge, CA National Law Debates, Irish Times & Mace Judge, Munster Schools Final

2002 Worlds Toronto 2002 Main Semi, WUDC ESL Final, WUDC Masters Final, WUDC Comedy Final, Public Speaking Final, CA Oxford IV, CA Cork IV, CA Limerick IV, Trinity IV Final Judge, Cambridge IV Final Judge, Strathclyde Cup Final Judge, National Law Debates Final Judge, Irish Times & Mace Judge, Munster Schools Final

2003 Worlds Stellenbosch 2003 Deputy Chief Adjudicator. Main Final. ESL Semi, Public Speaking Final. Masters Final, National Law Debates Final Munster Schools Final, Connacht Schools Final

2005 Euros: Cork 2005 Main Final & ESL Final, Limerick IV Final Judge National Law Debates Final, Cork IV.

2006 Worlds UCD 2006 Adjudicator (just 3 prelim rounds), Limerick IV, Cork IV, Concern Schools

2007 WUPID DCA & Final Adjudicator 2007, Limerick IV

2009 Worlds Cork 2009 EFL final & Main QF

2011 WUPID DCA & Final Adjudicator 2011

2012 Limerick IV

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18 Dec 2013