WUDC 1996

31 Dec 1996
Cork 1996 FinalMacquarie (Fenja Berglund and Ben Way) won the competition with Adam Spencer (Sydney) as best speaker. The final was held in Cork City Hall and...
30 Dec 1996
Result : World Debating Champions 1996 - Macquarie A, Australia.Final Motion : this House prefers strong dictatorship to weak democracy. Government : Inner...
27 Dec 1996
 Here is some advance information sent out by Cork WUDC 1996
27 Dec 1996
Here is the official flyer from the final at Cork Worlds
10 Dec 1996
Hi All,I have had a request, from the author of a new book on debating, for anyone who was at either the World Championships in Cork in 1996 or the World...
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