Worlds Bids: Zagreb 2005 (Successful)

Official Bid Document

Presented to Worlds Council

Stellenbosch, January 2003

Zagreb is Croatia's capital and its largest city.

Its demographic size and economic, scientific and cultural significance make it the largest urban agglomeration connecting Central Europe to Southeast Europe.

Zagreb is Croatia's political and administrative center and is home to the Croatian National Parliament, the Croatian president and the Croatian government.

Passing through Zagreb are the shortest routes connecting Western Europe with the Near East and Central Europe to the Adriatic coast.

The population of Zagreb is 1200 000 inhabitants and the history of the city dates as far back as 1094.

The city offers abundance of historical and cultural sights worth visiting, such as museums, palaces and castles, as well as many natural beauties, including a big lake in the city center and the mountain surrounding the city.

Zagreb is the hometown of winter sports, so December is a very good time to visit because it gives the opportunity to enjoy skiing, ice-skating, hockey and other snowy and icy activities.

Over the past ten years Zagreb has grown into metropolis, providing its citizens and visitors with plenty of fun and things to do, offering a variety of restaurants, night clubs, bars, internet cafes, sport facilities, cinemas, theaters, concert halls, museums and other enjoyable places.

Whether you are a skiing fan, a party animal or a history freak, you will find Zagreb enjoyable and amusing. The Croatian capital offers a number of museums, theatres and palaces (if you are into that sort of thing). If you are just a regular citizen of the consumers' society, you will enjoy our excellent restaurants, serving national specialties and a wide range of international dishes, nightclubs and shopping malls. If you are one of those people who can do winter sports without breaking both arms and legs, Zagreb is the place to visit. Plus, you can always rent a car or take a bus to one of the neighbouring countries and be back the same day. Finally, December is when the annual international winter fair in Zagreb is being held, so more shopping and fun (and you get to see the Santa Claus). As you can see, you will not be bored

The University of Zagreb is the oldest Croatian university, as well as the oldest university in South-Eastern Europe. The university was officially founded on September 23, 1669 by Emperor and King Leopold I Habsburg who issued a diploma granting the status and privileges of a university to the Jesuit Academy of the Royal Free City of Zagreb.

The University of Zagreb is also the largest university in Croatia and one of the largest universities in Europe.

It consists of 30 faculties and 3 academies, located in the City of Zagreb and near-by towns, offering more than 140 major fields of undergraduate studies and more than 100 graduate fields of study.

The University has 5 dormitories with 7130 beds, 12 restaurants, multimedia center, theater, 2 cinemas, art gallery, library, night club, disco club and many other facilities.

With almost 400 years of tradition and 70 000 students, we have the capacity and the experience to host a major event like Worlds. Our university has already organized a number of important student competitions and conferences, so we have a large team of capable and hard-working individuals, who will treat Worlds as their priority in the next two years.

The University of Zagreb is the next host of the European Universities Debating Championships. Our international tournament in Dubrovnik attracts more and more people every year. We organize local and regional tournaments and seminars on a monthly basis. We cooperate with other debating and student organizations, such as the Student Council, and are supported by national and international institutions, such as embassies, ministries and the President of Croatia.

The size of our University and its 5 campuses enables us to accept the unlimited number of teams, so you would not have to worry about the team cap. The campuses also offer you a number of places to visit, like student night clubs, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, internet cafes, etc.

University of Zagreb Debating Society

Student debate has been active in Croatia for many years and our debaters have participated at a number of national and international tournaments, practicing different debate styles.

Croatian Academic Debating League is an umbrella organization, gathering and organizing students and student debate clubs in all parts of the country. CADL has carried out various debate projects, including regional and national tournaments, seminars, debate presentations, and 3 international debate tournaments "Dubrovnik 2000", "Dubrovnik 2001" and "Dubrovnik 2002".

CADL established the University of Zagreb Debating Society with the support of the Senate of the University, in order to ensure better conditions for hosting Worlds 2005. The Society opens its door to all students interested in working on this particular and other projects and by doing so does not limit itself to only one institution or debate club, but gathers all enthusiastic and experienced individuals, regardless of their institutional affiliation, who will contribute to the Championship with the diversity of their knowledge and skills.

It is also important to mention that our open-door approach gives us the opportunity in terms of logistics, using various resources, accessing facilities and institutions all over the city and therefore providing participants of Worlds 2005 with plenty of things to do, places to visit and all the equipment necessary for the success of a debate tournament.

Thanks to its central location in Europe, Croatia is easy to reach by plane, train, bus or car. Croatia Airlines and other companies offer direct flights to Zagreb from all major European cities, several times a day (Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, D
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