WUDC Sydney 2000 Email updates

16 March 1999

Dear Debaters,
The XXth World Universities Debating Championship has been MOVED to start on TUESDAY 4th of JANUARY and finish with the grand final on Tuesday 11th, with accommodation provided until 12 noon on Wednesday 12th of January.

This decision has been based on our research into the price and availability of flights into Sydney directly before New Year's Eve from many parts of the world. Many flights into Sydney are already booked out with people arriving for the new millenium. Prices are already prohibitive and set to rise as we approach that date. Our new dates will enable you to fly to Sydney AFTER New Year (and the first of January!), which should solve these problems. This does NOT remove the NEED TO BOOK EARLY. Australia seems to be an extremely desirable destination this summer, and the travel agents expect flights to be booked out close to that date.

Quite a few people also communicated with us a wish to spend this special New Year's Eve with loved ones back home.

We understand that this move may cause some people difficulties, and we apologise for this. We felt, however, that the date change was the lesser of two evils. We will endeavour to render all assistance possible to overcome these difficulties. In the past, the tournament has been held even later in January.

If you still wish to celebrate the new millennium in Sydney, do not fear. We will still be offering a package of accommodation and informal social events starting from the 27th of December. We will still be having a NYE party and all of you are most welcome to come and join us. This will provide you with the perfect opportunity to have a real Sydney summer holiday in the sun, and enable you to be relaxed and refreshed for the start of the tournament.

There will be no shortage of things to see and do during this period, Sydney will be full of action and excitement as well as places to relax and get a good tan. You may even wish to visit other parts of Australia first. We will endeavour to assist you to plan a trip to suit your desires. You can stay at Sydney Uni (in our cheap college accommodation - other accommodation will be extremely expensive) any nights you require from 27th December.

More information giving further details of our tournament will follow very soon. Our website is now up at, and will shortly be updated to reflect the date change.

You should direct any queries arising from this email to me, Peter Nicholas, the Communications Director for Worlds 2000 at the email address

In general, please use your regional email addresses for all other enquiries. We have now appointed two people to co-ordinate communications with specific regions.

For Europeans emailing to, your queries will now be answered by Belinda Yeo, who recently adjudicated at the Manila Worlds.

People resident in North or South America should use This will reach Ed Sexton.

All others should use
which will be answered by me.

If you are no longer a debater or in contact with your university, please forward this to the relevant person. We would also appreciate it if you could advise us of their contact details.

You may also get this email more than once. I apologise if this has occurred.

I hope you understand our concerns, and will still be able to see us in Sydney come January next year. Again, if you have any queries or problems, please reply to me or your regional co-ordinators.

Yours Sincerely
Peter Nicholas
Communications Director
For the Sydney Worlds 2000 Executive


4 June 1999

Dear Debaters,
You are receiving this email because, according to our records, you are
interested in the World Universities Debating Championship. If this is not
the case, please reply telling me so, and we will remove you from our list.
If this is so, we apologise for disturbing you.

I hope that all of you now realise that dates of the XXth World Universities
Debating Championship, to be hosted by the University of Sydney Union, have
been changed . Sydney Worlds 2000 will now start on the 4th of January 2000,
and the Grand Final will be on the evening of 11th of January, meaning that
accommodation lasts until noon on the 12th. This move was unavoidable due to
the restricted availability and excessive pricing of flights prior to
January 1st into Sydney. If there are any further questions arising from
this change, please feel free to ask me.

Preparations for Worlds are now well advanced and we are looking forward to
greeting you all in Sydney.




4th January

* Registration

* Opening ceremony

* Opening night party

5th January

* Worlds Masters

* Training seminars

* Adjudicator evaluation

6th January

* Debate rounds 1, 2, 3

* Party [Glasgow (next year's hosts) Night either tonight or tomorrow]

7th January

* Debate rounds 4, 5, 6

* Party

8th January

* Debate rounds 7, 8, 9

* Break night party

9th January

* Free day

* Worlds Council

10th January

* Octo- and Quarter-finals

* Championship Dinner (Darling Harbour)

11th January

* Semi-finals

* Grand Final

* Final night party

12th January

* Bye




Rego costs include all accommodation from the night of 4th of January till
the noon on the 12th of January.

Accommodation will be in the on-campus residential colleges of Sydney
University in single or double rooms. The colleges are 5 minutes' walk from
the debating venues. The university itself is a 10 minute bus trip from the
city centre and harbour. Accommodation will include breakfast each day, and
most other meals will also be provided.

Accommodation will be available before the tournament from the 27th of
December, and for a fairly flexible amount of time afterwards. Again, this
will include breakfast. Extra accommodation will cost A$40 per night. We
will endeavour to meet to everyone at the airport, given sufficient notice
of your flight details. Some help with travel after the tournament will also
be available.

New Year's Eve in Sydney will be sensational, as Sydney has been recognised
as one of the best three or four venues in the world for the end of the
millennium. (That's why flights are so difficult before New Year's! So book
early, i.e. now, if you're arriving before then. Several airlines are using
sliding scales to jack prices up month-by-month.) We will be providing for
whoever can make it. Our plans for this night are still being finalised, but
a big party will very much be the order of the day.




We'll be hitting many of Sydney's top nightspots. The venues will range from

the harbour, to the city, to historic venues within Sydney University

itself. (100% guarantee against the use of basketball courts). The socials

are designed to cater for the diversity of interests that are the world

debating community as well as cater for cross-cultural common denominators

of food and drink. They will include live bands, DJs, night-clubs, open air

venues and our harbour. Everyone is flocking to Sydney in 2000 for its

nightlife. (Not the fact they heard that there was going to be a debating

tournament on, funnily enough). The university itself is situated in the

heart of Sydney's student district, and the surrounds are full of cheap and

cheerful multi-cultural restaurants, bars and caf
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