News from the IDEA Network

3 Sep 2015
The project – Let the youth talk!
21 Aug 2015
Does social media have the power to take down governments? Does it spread extremism? Does it hold the solution to terrorism? Does it need to be monitored?
20 Aug 2015
  The Summer School of Debate takes place in Bishkek from July 16th to September 17th.  20 participants aged 12-25 learn the basics of debate and how...
16 Aug 2015
Dutch former high school debater Caspar Jacobs moved to Oxford for studies. He has taken up working at OxHoP and started up debate workshops for the homeless...
12 Aug 2015
The 6th edition of 'Open Discussion' organised by IDEA CA together with local internet source took place in Bishkek,...
10 Aug 2015
A total of 57 participants have gathered yesterday and today for the second IDEA Debate Exchange in Ljubljana. Almost twice as many as the year before and with...