News from the IDEA Network

26 Jul 2016
Participants from all over Europe are gathering today for the start of the third edition of the IDEA Debate Exchange in Sofia.
23 Jun 2016
Today the polls are open in one of the biggest decisions handed to the British electorate in history. A vote in a general election just decides on the...
3 Jun 2016
Registation for the IDEA Debate Exchange is closing on the
13 May 2016
Do you want to learn how to become a better debate trainer? Do you have ideas how to spread debate to new areas and want to meet others who are working on that...
10 May 2016
IDEA invites you to “Art  for Advocacy: Empowering artivists in the Balkans” training that will take place in Ohrid, Macedonia from 22 to 29 June 2016. We...
26 Apr 2016
I-Man or Integrityman is a comic hero fighting on different burning issues that media, journalist and the general public in Macedonia are facing with.In this...