WUDC 2013 EFL Qtr final Draw

English as a Foreign Language Qtr Finals at 2013 World Universities Debating Championships


Motion: THBT publicly funded universities should be required to reduce enrolment in degree programs within their university that have statistically poor employment outcomes


  • OG Belgrade C
  • OO Lund A
  • CG Singidunum A
  • CO EKU Tübingen A


  • OG Bucharest A
  • OO Gadjah Mada A
  • CG Bauman A
  • CO Megatrend Belgrade A


  • OG Tokyo A
  • OO Atma A
  • CG Belgrade A
  • CO Ss. Cyril and Methodius A


  • OG Arts Belgrade A
  • OO Porto A
  • CG Pristina A
  • CO ALU Freiburg A 
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