Worlds Council: Update from Chair


  We're now nearing the time when we'll need to turn our attention toward Council in Berlin. As we draw near, you'll be hearing from me more frequently; this email is the first a a few you'll receive.  Several issues require or will soon require our attention:  

  1. I've begun to draft a proposed agenda for Council. I would appreciate hearing from you on any issues you would like Council to address. Constitutional Amendments? Rule changes? Please let me know and I'll add them to the list.
  2.  I'll soon send to you a copy of the institutions and individuals registered for this year's competition You'll receive notice of those individuals registered from your nation. It is your responsibility to review this list, circulate it to your constituency and make note of any concerns about eligibility.
  3. Tom Jackson, Chair of England's National University Debating Council and England's rep to Council, has advanced two issues that require response:
  • He has, in cooperation with Madeline Schultz of Australia, expressed concern about the validity of the vote for the 18+ Point break motion passed by Council in Manila. I have composed a response to his post. Regardless of your position on break reform, Madeline's analysis has some important implications for some nations' voting statuses; please give it your careful consideration.
  • He has called for a special reconsideration of break reform, in which he proposes to replace the 18+ Point scheme with a 48 team break for the Berlin WUDC. He has asked that this be considered prior to the start of the Berlin tournament. I have responded with a consideration of the procedural aspects of this proposal, the essence of which is that if the body is so inclined, we would need to revisit the issue in a special session to follow pre-Council at which we could entertain motions to return to a 32 team break or replace the 18+ Point break with a 48 or 64 team break scheme.



4. I've drafted a proposal to reform the registration process for Worlds. I plan to submit this to Council on the 1st.

  A good place to propose issues and solicit input on your ideas is at the discussion forum established for conversations related to Worlds. If you're not yet a member, please consider joining.  Please let me know if you have questions or concerns about any of these issues. I look forward to seeing you in Berlin!   

  • Best,
  • Steven Johnson, Chair
  • World Universities Debating Council

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