US Universities National Debate Championships

Greetings Debate Community,


            It is with much pleasure that we announce the USU National Debate Championships Registration will open December 24, 2012 at 7:00 California Time! This goes very much with our theme of what we have in store for US NATS being held in Southern California. Due to the growing number of teams now attending WUDC, we have decided to mirror our national tournament similar to that of Worlds. We have a tournament hotel with transportation to the University of La Verne, daily. We will be providing an abundant amount of food and snacks. We will host a semi-formal/formal break party on Saturday.  There is much more to be happen, but I cannot give away too many secrets!


We will having six preliminary rounds, breaking to Octos! International schools are welcome to register after the first phase of registration has passed. However, international schools are not eligible to break.  We encourage many schools to participate regardless of this standard, as we see many US schools attending EUROS for the simple enjoyment of good friends, argumentation, and host countries. Team cap is set at 160 teams, and Phase I will allow a maximum of 4 US teams per institution.


Our CA’s for this tournament are Ian Lising (former Worlds Council Chair, and well, we don’t have enough room here for all of his accomplishments) and Josh Martin (2007 National Champion, and breaking judge at WUDC 2012. 2011, etc.). There will be a DCA application soon to follow.


Cost to register is only $100 dollars a team and $50 a judge, with an N-2 rule. The tournament hotel is the Sheraton Fairplex Pomona, less than one mile away from campus, and each room is a 4 individual Suite and cost $134.


We have an amazing judging pool, returning World Champions, and many other great friends. So come join us for some good times, In N Out burgers, Ian Lising, and of course, the best debating this country has to offer.


The registration site is at:


The tournament site will be up soon! Look us up on Facebook as well under: La Verne NATS 2013




Rob Ruiz




Director of Forensics at the University of La Verne

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