UADC 2014 Octo & Qtr Results


Quarters Result:

Quarters 1. NUS A defeats UT Mara 1 (5-0)

Quarters 2. NUS B defeats NTU D (5-0)

Quarters 3. Ateneo A defeats UPM A (4-1)

Quarters 4. NTU A defeats UPD A (4-1)


Octo-final results:

Octo final 1. NUS A defeats Ateneo B (3-0)

Octo final 2. NUS B 3 defeats Ateneo C (3-0)

Octo final 3. UPM A defeats UT Mara B (3-0)

Octo final 4. UPD A defeats XU A (3-0)

Octo final 5. NTU A defeats NTU B (3-0)

Octo final 6. Ateneo A defeats UPD B (3-0)

Octo final 7. NTU D defeats IIUM A (2-1)

Octo final 8. UT Mara A defeats SMU A (3-0)


EFL Semi Final Results:

Semi 1. BIPEDS A defeats UNPAR A (5-0)

Semi 2. BINUS A defeats ICU A (4-1)

Quarters Motions:

Assuming that the technology which can predict crime to a very high probability exists. THW use it to preemptively arrest individuals for their (potential) involvement

Assuming it is possible to do so, THW identify and abort fetuses that with demonstrate sociopathic tendencies in later life.

Assuming it is possible to do so, THW permanently alter the minds of violent criminals

Octo-Finals Motions:

THW cap the number of patents that a corporation can simultaneously hold

THBT corporations only have a duty to their shareholders

THBT victims of environmental abuses by foreign companies should be allowed to hold them liable in the company's country of origin.

EFL Semi Final Motions:

THW disallow plea-bargaining in criminal trials

THW make sexual harassment a criminal offense instead of civil suit

THE elect judges



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