Results of the 14th Turkish Nationals

The 14th Turkish National Debating Championships were held on 11-15 May on Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus.

Galatasaray D(Beril Onder- Engin Arikan) won the final and the championships.

Other finalists were METU B (Gorkem Bostanci & Emrecan Buyurucu), Galatasaray A (Akin Egemen & Seda Palanduz) and Galatasaray B(Umur Turkay Korkmaz & Beril Ari).

Joint best speakers were Melda Eren and Bahar Hacivelioglu.

Final Motion: THW prohibit the usage of word 'sehit (islamic concept of martyr)' in all media and govermental institutions

Final Judges: Onercan Kilic(c), Suleyman Girgin, Ozan Sahal, Mahir Durmaz, Arif Topac, Atagun Mert Kejanlioglu and Ali Avci



The fourth Junior Hong Kong

The fourth Junior Hong Kong Schools Debating Championship was held on the 19th November 2011 at the Independent Schools Foundation Academy in Pokfulam. 22 teams from 21 schools in Hong Kong participated, with each team consisting of 3-5 members. Debates were in World Schools Style. 

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