Recent results from New Zealand and Australia

Results from the Australian British Parliamentary Debating Champs ("Sydney Mini"), held at Sydney over the weekend of 7-9 Sydney involving 60 teams.


Winners: Christopher Bishop & Stephen Whittington


Runners-Up: Dom Bowes & Paul Karp (Sydney), Elle Jones & Daniel Swain (Sydney), Steph Thompson & Ben Milsom (Auckland)


Best Speaker: Elle Jones (Sydney)



Results from the NZ British Parliamentary Debating Champs ("Victoria IV), held in Wellington over 24/25 November, involving 36 teams.


Winners: Seb Templeton & Richard D'Ath (Victori)


Runners-up: Christopher Bishop & Stephen Whittington, Madeleine Schultz & Chris Bisset (Monash), Elle Jones & Daniel Swain (Sydney)

Best Speaker: Stephen Whittington


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