Portuguese European Debate Series

Portuguese university students can spend the months of April and May in a series of debate events on European topics as part of the IDEA Debate changing Europe project. The debate series is organised by the Sociedade de Debates Universidade do Porto in close cooperation with three other Portuguese student debating societies.

The caravan of debates kicked off in Lisbon at the Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão (ISEG) with a public debate on whether the Euro has run its course. The speakers for the event were all researchers or experts on the topic: Paulo Brás Teixeira  and Miguel Lebre de Freitas from the NOVA School Business of Economics and João Carlos Graça from ISEG. They discussed the various futures for the Euro and the Eurozone. The event was attended by fifty students who interacted actively with the speakers.

The public debate was followed by a debate competition in which sixteen speakers participated. They put their newly acquired knowledge into use immediately and debated on two motions related to European themes:

  • This House supports the right for each Member State of the EU to reject the national application of an European norm.
  • This House Would create a trading agreement between the EU and China.

The best speakers of the competition will attend the final event of the debate series held in Porto in May. These are Rodrigo Mourão and Diogo Duarte from Sociedade de Debates Académicos de Lisboa (SDAL) and Gustavo Almeida and Ivane Domingues from Nova Debate Club.

Wednesday the 17th of April, the debate series continues will continue with two local competitions, one in Vila Real and one in Coimbra, after which rounds in Guimarães and Porto will follow before the final event in Porto starts May 2. Look for a a full overview of all European tournaments taking place on our website!

Debate changing Europe

The debate series Debate changing Europe aims to let students debate about themes of European-wide importance. It is a cooperation project between IDEA NL and university debating organisations in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal and Sweden. The winners of the local tournaments will be offered a chance to participate in a common European event from June 2-6 at which they will learn how European policy is made and how they can influence it. Debate changing Europe is made possible with funding from Youth in Action.



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