Invitation to IIT-B Mood Indigo IV 2013: A Pre-Worlds Tournament

Dear World Debating Community,


Greetings from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay!


As an established debating institution that has been actively participating in the World and Asian championships over the past few years, we at IIT-B are eager to invite you to our debating tournament the IIT-B Mood Indigo Intervarsity 2013.


Last year, we hosted the IIT Bombay National Debate that drew 64 teams. This was smoothly managed by the Debate Society and Mood Indigo (Asia's largest college festival). This year, we are organising the Intervarsity together with Mood Indigo again. The tournament is going to be held 20th-22nd December 2013, a week before the World Universities Debating Championship 2014 in Chennai. The competition is envisioned to be the best preparation for all teams meaning to debate Chennai Worlds. Registration fee per person is 45.00 EUR per person for international participants and 1800.00 INR per person for Indian participants.


Our Adjudication Core is as follows,

Sharmila Parmanand: Sharmila recently completed a Master's in Gender and Development from the University of Melbourne. As a debater, she won the Asian Universities Debating Championship (AUDC) three times in a row, broke at the WUDC 2006 and reached Australasian Intervarsity Debating Championships (Australs) grand final in 2005 and semi-finals in 2006 and 2008. She served as CA for the AUDC 2009 and the Asian BP Championship 2011, and as DCA for Australs in Auckland and Seoul. She has judged two Worlds and three Australs grand finals, and served as CA for WUDC 2013, Berlin. She has coached debaters in over 20 countries.

Daryl Isla: Studying Entrepreneurship at Ateneo de Manila University, Daryl is one of today’s most irrepressible speakers in Austral-Asia and the World. He is the only active debater from Asia to have broken three times into the Australasian Intervarsity Debating Championships Open 16. He was also Best Speaker and Finalist at the Hong Kong Open 2012 and East Asians 2012. This is on top of winning speaker prizes at almost every tournament in Singapore and Philippines, the two debating circuits where he regularly competes in. He finished at 17 Points on an 80 Speaker Average at Berlin WUDC 2013. Daryl is also a widely sought debate trainer and adjudicator. He has sat down for an  ESL Semi at UADC 2011, ranking 3 served as DCA and trainer at events such as Beijing Open, Indonesia Open, Philippine Schools  Championship, Macau IV, Hong Kong PDS, and more. Currently, Daryl is Co-CA for the Asian BP 2013 hosted by Beijing Aeronautical and Astronautical University.


Yaman Verma: Yaman hails from NLSIU, Bangalore, and has made his mark as a talented debater in Asia. He was Chief Adjudicator at the IIT Delhi PD 2010, MSRMPD 2013, and was part of the adjudication core at UADC Bangkok 2010, and has thrice been one of the chief adjudicators of the NLS Debating Championships. He has won the All Asians Intervarsity Championships (2008), broken at AUDC (2009) and won several domestic tournaments in India like Rhetoric (2008), Tashi (2007),  RV Invitational Debating Championships (2008) among various others. He was the finalist at the Mukherjee Memorial Debate (2010) and IIT Delhi Debate (2008). He was also adjudged the best speaker at the Mukherjee Memorial Debate (2010) and IIT Delhi Debate (2008). Yaman recently served on the adjudication core of the 2011 Asian BP.

Sayan Sanyal: Also on board as core adjudicator, we have Sayan Sanyal from RV, Bangalore. Sayan has been one of the stalwarts of the Indian debating circuit in the past few years. He has created waves in the Asian circuit by reaching ABP pre-quarters and semis in 2011 and 2012. Back home, he has won at NLS, NLU- Delhi, PEC in 2012, and also won successively at VIT and Christ college, Bangalore in 2012 and 2013. Apart from these, he's been a finalist at NALSAR and Christ College in 2011. We are very proud to have Sayan at ND 2013.

Taking into account that Worlds is happening in Chennai, we expect participation from international teams and adjudicators as a stopover for Worlds. Also, top-notch Indian teams participating will benefit a lot from the tournament.

The tournament is happening during Mood Indigo, which is Asia's largest college cultural festival, and attracts a crowd of over 85,000 students from all across India and quite a few contingents from outside the country. Last year, we had Simple Plan performing in our concert, and we also had 160 international artists coming and performing here; more than any fest in Asia. There'll be concerts, street artists, and lots of other events going on. The non-debate calendar is going to be jam-packed as well, so there's no sacrificing on the fun quotient.

Please fill up the forms for teams and/or adjudicator registration. (Teams’ Pre-Registration) (Adjudicators’ Pre-Registration)


The Debate Society at IIT-B and Mood Indigo are excited to welcome you to Bombay this December. It will be an incredible experience.


(Sgd.) Atharva Kelkar and Divyansh Gupta


IIT-B Mood Indigo Organising Committee


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Thank you very much for

Thank you very much for posting this. This website is really great. and the information is well-detailed.  I am so excited with this tournament and Im pretty sure everybody does.

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