Greek Bid for WUDC 2016

The University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki, Greece is bidding to host the World Universities Debating Championships in 2016.


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The team cap will be 420 teams. The institutional cap is of 3 teams per institution

Registration Fee will be a maximum of €400 and may be reduced depending on sponsorship


Chief Adjudicator is Manos Moschopoulos.  The Deputy Chief Adjudicators are Chris Bisset and Tasneem Elias.  Three more DCAs will be chosen after the bid. €50000 will be made available for judge subsidies.  There will be a training programme before and during the tournament led by Nita Rao

Organising Committee

The Convenor is Convenor: Petros Papalianos. The rest of the Organising Committee: Milan Vignjevic (Convenor of the European Universities Debating Championship 2012 in Belgrade), Katerina Karadimitri (Convenor of the Patras Open in 2013), Predrag Petricevic (World EFL Finalist in 201, Logistics Director for Belgrade EUDC 2012), Angelos Emmanouilidis (Convenor of the Turku Open 2013), Stratos Baloutsos (Managing Partner of the Debating Society of Greece), Norah Dimopoulou (Legal Counsellor of the Debating Society of Greece), Milan Krstanovic (tournament director for Belgrade EUDC 2012)

The bid is being jointly presented by the Debating Society of Greece, the Open Communication Debating Network  and the Rhetoric Club of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

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