Dear GTDC Participants,


The start of GTDC draws near! The Debate Ghana Association is hard at work in finalizing details, hoping to make your experience at GTDC the most epic ever! This letter details team cap, registration, payment, independent adjudicators, visa documentation, observers, University officials and drivers.  



Team Cap

The team cap for this tournament is 60 teams. Institutions are allowed to bring 3 teams, and the n+1 rule for adjudicators will be applied. There is no provision for independent teams. For extra team and adjudicator slots, institutions can apply to the Tournament Convener, Christian Lebrecht Malm-Hesse at no later than 15 April 2013. Delegates will have to pay the registration fee of $100 per team. Subject of the email must be: EXTRA TEAM and/or ADJUDICATOR SLOTS.


Registration and Costs

Early registration is open from 25 February 2013 to 22 April 2013. Late registration will run from 29 April 2013 to 20 May 2013. The cost of early registration will be $100 per team. The cost for late registration is $120 per delegate. Slots will be granted but registration will be recognized after payment. Registration fee covers accommodation, venues, catering, socials but not pocket money that remains the participant’s responsibility. Attached you will find participant and institution registration forms, kindly fill them in for all participants and the institution and email them back to For any registration inquiries contact Hermann Wilhelm Von Hesse. Subject of the email must be: REGISTRATION FORMS or REGISTRATION INQUIRIES


VISA Documentation


Institutions that need a personalized letter to be able to apply for VISA’s please send an email to the Convenor: with details of what the letter should say. Subject of the email must be: VISA Documentation



If any institution would like to bring observers to the tournament, please indicate on the institution registration form. Note that observers will have to pay a registration fee of $125




Institutions travelling by road and wish to have their driver/s stay at the University residences please indicate on the registration form. Note that drivers will have to pay a registration fee of $125. A hotel list is also attached if institutions wish to book their drivers into the closest hotels to campus.


University Officials


We’ve had quite a number of requests of institutions wishing to bring their University officials, because we would have  to make special provision for them in residences as they are not participants and are elderly compared to participants.  The registration fee is $250. Should University Officials not wish to stay in University residences, a hotel list is attached to book into the closest hotels to campus.


Yours in debate,



Christian Lebrecht Malm-Hesse                                   Hermann Wilhelm Von Hesse

Tournament Convener                                      Tournament Director

DGA                                                                            DGA

Cell: +2332-4214-5768                                               Cell: +2332-4500-1630Email:

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