Germany create comparison of Chula and Chennai bids

Marcus Ewald, the German Representative to Council, has created a useful guide to compare the respective bids from Chula and Chennai for WUDC 2014. I think it is useful for all looking to compare the two bids.

Members of Council,

To come to a German decision I have compiled a short table to directly compare the bids from Chennai and Chula. I've invited the convenors of each bid to add and/or change information in it. Thus I hope the information is fairly accurate.

Since this table could potentially interest other members of council as well, I hereby invite everyone to take a look at it. If you feel that information is missing or that additional categories might be useful for comparing the bids: I'd be more than happy about further details, the doc is open for editing. Just don't delete stuff ...


And please excuse me sending this link via email, I found this to be most suitable. Any further discussion, however, should be done in the WUDC forum .

I hope this formalisation is useful to some of you,


Marcus Ewald
German Representative to Council


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