First Debate in the Neighbourhood training sessions take place in London

IDEA UK’s Debate in the Neighbourhood (DIN) program is now fully underway and is continuing to grow and develop. Debate coaches from IDEA UK delivered their first training sessions on public speaking and argumentation to thirty youth leaders, teachers, charity workers and young people at the headquarters of the London Youth network on 20 April. IDEA is also running a six week DIN course with 90 14-to-15 year-old school children at Prendergast-Ladywell Fields College in Catford, South London. IDEA’s work in Catford will culminate with a debate attended by local residents and public figures, and featuring speeches by graduates of the Ladywell fields DIN program.

On Sunday 06 May, DIN coaches Talmud Bah and Alexander Cavell will head out of London to deliver training to 19-to-24 year olds participating in London Youth’s Career-ability program. Career-ability is a ground-breaking residential skills-building course, created to help young people who have been dependent on job seekers allowance or who lack key qualifications re-energise their approach to employment and career planning.

Career-ability aims to build up the confidence, research and presentation skills of its participants, enabling them to take proactive steps to return to the job market. Across a series of intensive training sessions, IDEA will be using debating and public speaking exercises to teach program participants how to effectively acquire and discuss new information; obtain information from others by using questions and interpreting speech; and engage in clear and structured discussion.

IDEA’s contribution to Career-ability marks the first step toward realising the wider goals of Debate in the Neighbourhood: enabling young people to become passionate, articulate advocates for their own interests; expanding debating beyond university classrooms and tournaments into real-world contexts where its educational benefits will help to enhance social mobility; and giving members of marginalised communities the skills to take the lead in developing their careers and communities.

IDEA will be running further Career-ability courses with London Youth in June, and is due to run a series of workshops and public debates in City and Islington College this summer.

Youth groups and schools who want to get involved with DIN should contact Alexander Cavell via

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