Erasmus wins first tournament Debate changing Europe series

The first tournament in the debate series Debate changing Europe took place in Utrecht on Saturday the 16th of February. Debaters from Amsterdam, Leiden, Groningen and Rotterdam competed in the fina. Jeroen Heun and Daniël Springer from Erasmus A won the final of the Debattoernooi Utrecht that focused on reform of the Roman Catholic Church.

The Utrecht Debating Society hosted the 36-team tournament in which university and high school student from all over the Netherlands competed. The tournament had four preliminary rounds with eight teams breaking into the semi-finals. It was held in British Parliamentary style. Full results can be found on the website of the Nederlandse Debatbond.

The tournament is part of a debate series Debate changing Europe. Part of the motions were dedicated to themes of European-wide importance, such as the potential of the UK leaving the EU and poverty reduction. The winners of the tournament will be offered a chance to participate in a common European event in June at which they will learn how European policy is made and how they can influence it. Debate changing Europe is made possible with funding from Youth in Action.

The motions for the Debattoernooi Utrecht were:

Round 1:

THW ban the production and consumption of tobacco in the European Union

Round 2:

THW make lying by politicians punishable by law

Round 3:

TH hopes the United Kingdom will leave the European Union

Round 4:

THW not pursue income redistribution beyond poverty reduction

Semi final:

THW make the punishment for drunk driving equal to manslaughter, even if the driver caused no accident


THW set a public ultimatum: if the next pope does not implement radical reforms, the Roman Catholic church will be disbanded

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