Double Octo Final Pairings and Results at WUDC 2013

This is the draw and the result of the Double Octo FInals (for teams ranked 17 to 48)


Motion: THBT universities should never prohibit research or teaching on the ground of sexist, racist or otherwise discriminatory implications


  • OG Yale B (Progressing)
  • OO Stanford A (Eliminated)
  • CG Queensland C (Eliminated)
  • CO Monash B (Progressing)


  • OG Queensland B (Eliminated)
  • OO UCD L&H B (Progressing)
  • CG Galatasaray A (Eliminated)
  • CO Harvard A (Progressing)


  • OG Oxford B (Progressing)
  • OO Otago C (Eliminated)
  • CG TCD Phil A (Eliminated)
  • CO Queen's University A (Progressing)


  • OG Bates A (Eliminated)
  • OO McGill A (Eliminated)
  • CG Griffith A (Progressing)
  • CO Durham A (Progressing)


  • OG Yale A (Progressing)
  • OO Glasgow B (Eliminated)
  • CG UCC Phil A (Progressing)
  • CO Harvard C (Eliminated)


  • OG LSE A (Progressing)
  • OO Monash C (Eliminated)
  • CG Yale C (Eliminated)
  • CO Harvard B (Progressing)


  • OG UBC A (Eliminated)
  • OO New South Wales B (Progressing)
  • CG Cambridge B (Progressing)
  • CO Bristol A (Eliminated)


  • OG Princeton A (Progressing)
  • OO New South Wales C (Eliminated)
  • CG Otago A (Progressing)
  • CO Otago B (Eliminated) 
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