Chennai Worlds 2014 - Adjudication Information

Dear All,


Chennai Worlds is committed to making sure that all participants have an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Part of that requires ensuring the highest quality of adjudication possible. This document outlines some of the ways we intend to do that. Please note that this message concerns both adjudicators that institutions have requested to send and applications for funded independent adjudicators.


We have had over 800 requests for adjudication slots and are planning to grant full registration waivers and at least partial travels funding to at least 90 judges (including the adjudication team). While we would like to give as many of them slots as possible, we do not feel that it is advisable to exceed a ratio of 3.5 judges per room (ie about 350 in total). This is to ensure consistent adjudication quality, manageable panel sizes and productive deliberations during preliminary rounds. The following explains the process and timeline for the allocation of judge spots at Chennai Worlds:


Institutional Adjudicators


Like previous WUDCs, institutions are required to send n-1 adjudicators. This means that an institution that sends 2 teams will be required to send 1 judge and institutions that send 3 teams are required to send 2 judges.


We have allocated an initial 82 judging spots to the institutions that are most likely to receive 2nd teams and thus send judges to meet their N-1 requirements. We expect to allocate several more N-1 slots following the first payment deadline (10am GMT, 8 July 2013).


We are allocating non N-1 judging slots (extra institutional judges) on the basis of a very brief application process. Our hope in employing this process is to maximize the chance that judges positively contribute to the diversity and quality of the competition. And while we regret that we are announcing this process after the initial results of registration, the demand for judges (not unlike the demand for teams) requires that some selection process be put in place. That process will proceed as follows:


- On 24 June 2013, we will contact all institutions (including those on the waiting list) that have expressed an interest in sending extra judges asking them to fill out a short questionnaire about the judges they would like to send.


- The deadline for submitting details in response to this questionnaire is 10am GMT, 5 July 2013. We will allocate extra judges by 15 July. This is the same time that we will be releasing the second round of team allocations.


- The information we will request in the the questionnaire will include the prospective adjudicators' names, their experience judging and competing in British Parliamentary competitions, and significant debating achievements.**


- Decisions about how many adjudication spots institutions receive will be made by the Chief Adjudicators, with the input of the Deputy Chief Adjudicators and Assistant Chief Adjudicators as required.


**We recognize that some institutions will not have decided on their contingents and that there may be changes to the names and information submitted. In such cases, we ask that institutions send us the names of individuals from their institution representative of the caliber of judge that they expect to send. Institutions should be candid in this assessment because we reserve the right to revoke a judging slot awarded if an institution later chooses to send an individual whose experience does not line up with the caliber of adjudicator advertised.


In other words, please do not announce plans to send an experienced debater as a judge and then select an individual with no debate experience (even if the reason for doing so, such as for developmental purposes, is understandable). Please note that we are highly likely to have spots for some adjudicators with little experience, thus it is strongly in the interest of institutions to provide an accurate representation of who they are planning to send.


Independent Adjudicators


Independent adjudicators are those that are attending Worlds, but are not officially part of an institution's WUDC contingent. Independent adjudicators can either be self funded or can apply for a subsidy from Chennai Worlds.


Chennai Worlds is granting full registration waivers and at least partial travels funding to 80 judges (excluding the adjudication team). To the best of our knowledge, this is more than any previous Worlds. However, we expect that competition for spaces will be intense and applicants are recommended to ask for no more than they need in order to attend.


The application process is outlined below:


- On 24 June, application forms will be released. Application forms will be available on our website, Facebook group and sent to all major mailing lists.


- The deadline for applications is 10 am GMT, 22 July.


- Decisions will be communicated to applicants by 2 September. All unsuccessful applications will be carried over to a second round.


- On 30 September, we will open a second round of applications for a final 10 subsided slots. The deadline for applications is 7 October, with results communicated to applicants by 14 October.


- In the first round (starting on 24 June), we will be allocating 70 subsided slots and all of our non-subsided independent slots. We expect less competition for slots in the first round and strongly encourage that, where possible, those interested in attending apply in the first round.


- Irrespective of whether you are applying for a subsidy, you will be required to fill out a short form detailing debating and adjudication experience. In addition, those that request subsidies will be asked to answer a few short questions.


- Applications will initially be assessed by the member of the adjudication team that has the most experience in the applicant's debating circuit, and all decisions will be approved by the full adjudication team.


Thank you for attention to the announcements we have been sending out and for your patience as we progress through each phase of registration. We will be making several other announcements in the next few weeks and hope that you’re all as excited about Chennai Worlds as we are. As always, if you have any other questions please get in touch with either of us.

Regards,Michael Baer (michael.baer@...)Harish Natarajan (harish.natarajan@...)Chief Adjudicators, Chennai Worlds 2014

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