Cameroon bid for PUADC

Dear Debaters of AFRICA!

 It is our great privilege and honour to present to you Buea PAUDC 2014! 

 After five consecutive editions hosted in the south of Africa, we believe that now is an opportune time to bring the Pan-African Universities Debating Championship to Central Africa. 

 The importance of such an event for the region is enormous. Many countries in the region are transitional societies, where people are still trying to cope with the basic principles of democracy and to build civil society organizations, and where debating is not known or is at a fledgling state. We believe that throughout and after the organization of this event, awareness of the impact of our activity on the general public in Cameroon and in the region will skyrocket, resulting in the expansion of the African debating community and of PAUDC in the future. 

 As for the most fundamental question – can we do this? 

 Sure! We’ve proven through the hosting of two consecutive national debating championships that we are able to organize and host a competition of an international magnitude with the highest possible quality of debating and the maximum amount of fun. Our host debating society, Cameroon Debate Association, has grown extensively over the past few years in every possible way; in the number of members we have, the number of regular programs we conduct, out participation in international events, and much more… 

 Our commitment for PAUDC 2014 is to provide you with the best possible adjudication on the continent and an enjoyable and memorable stay in Buea. 

 In achieving this goal, Cameroon Debate Association has the full support of the University of Buea, relevant government agencies, and the continuation of a successful collaboration with other universities. We are also determined to include representatives of various countries of the region in our organizing committee – to share the know-how we will acquire from hosting this event and to offer opportunities for sincere and transparent collaboration. 

 We sincerely hope that you will give us the chance to organize a memorable PAUDC 2014, bringing the best debaters from all over Africa to the Cameroon. On these grounds – we are proud to propose! 

 Jules Ferry Fiatam 

Debate Coordinator, Cameroon 

Prospective Convenor of PAUDC 2014 

The Cameroon Debate Association 

Dschang, Cameroon 

Tel: (+237) 22063049/74546892/98948799 





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