Call for IDEA Youth Forum 2013 bids

IDEA is now accepting bids for potential hosts of its flagship event, the IDEA Youth Forum 2013.

The Youth Forum is the largest and most important event IDEA NL organizes annually since 1995. The Youth Forum develops critical thinking, communication, team work and public speaking skills of the individual, which are essential for success today. Many of the past YF participants now play important roles in youth organizations, public offices as well as private companies. Additionally the Youth Forum provides great opportunity for formal but also informal communication and thus enables to form international networks, which are reinforced by use of blogs and forums provided on our websites. These often result not only in lifelong friendships but also in developing partnership on the organizational level.

Hosting the IDEA Youth Forum means increased international recognition for the national debate association, for the region and country that hosts the Forum. Most of the participants of the Youth Forum tend to remember the hosting country and the winner of the competition. And winning the event has impact mostly on the individuals that won. Additionally as one needs to knock-out about 15 times more teams, it is more difficult to win the KPDC than the competition to host the event. On top of that, hosting the event provides a unique opportunity to promote communication, debate and youth engagement among greater number of people in your organization, (debate) network, community and the host country.

The debate programs tend to grow in size after hosting the Youth Forum, since more debaters, volunteers, and public are directly exposed to benefits of this activity. Moreover in the past the Youth Forums have been endorsed by such prominent figures as the late Czech President Vaclav Havel, the leading figure of change of regime in former Czechoslovakia or Nobel prize Laureate Lech Walesa, which increased the visibility of the event, the organization and its members at home as well as abroad.

In order to find out more about how to bid to host the IDEA Youth Forum in 2013, read the guidelines and then submit the application form and the budget sheet until May 1, 2012.

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