Botswana’s First Annual Tertiary Institutions Debating Championship


The Tertiary Education Council T.E.C in Botswana is partnering with the Steering Committee of the English Speaking Union-Botswana to organize the first ever National Tertiary Institutions Debating Championship from the 20th to the 23rd  March 2013 at Boipuso Hall, fairgrounds holdings Gaborone, Botswana.


The inaugural BTIADC will bring together teams from all Botswana Tertiary Education Council (TEC) registered and accredited tertiary institutions in Botswana. All 20 T.E.C registered public institutions and all 13 T.E.C registered private institutions have been invited. Each institution will be required to bring 10 participants making it over 200 delegates overall. The over 200 delegates will compete in what is set to become the premier youth dialogue event In Botswana. We have set a tournament cap of 40 teams due to the capacity of the selected venue. We welcome teams from outside the country, for those wishing to participate from outside Botswana kindly contacts us to discuss modalities for your participation


Registration for the tournament is free of charge for both international and local delegates, by simply registering to participate in the tournament you would get a free ‘Botswana Nationals’  t-shirt, free breakfast and lunch for the three tournament days.


This tournament will offer world class training on the British parliamentary style of debating and certificates for the top speakers. Trophies will be awarded to the Best Institution, Best adjudicator, Best female speaker, to promote equity and f emale participation and to the overall best speaker.


This event is meant to give TEC the opportunity to engage with the youth and hear their perspective on issues affecting Tertiary Education such as access to tertiary education, quality, equity relevance and tertiary education financing, all the debate motions will be from above subject areas.  The event will also shine the spotlight on student retention strategies and other broad based issues of students by gender, disability and other social deprivation factors.  Moreover students will discuss how best they can achieve a ‘knowledge based society’. 


In addition to the actual debate tournament T.E.C will also conduct a conference on tertiary education and an exhibition and fair for all legally registered tertiary institutions in Botswana. The ESU will also utilize this time to establish a Botswana Universities Debating Board which will facilitate the dissemination of training materials, coordinate debating events and organize training sessions, all to ensure the sustainability and spread of debate across the country.


The Chief Adjudicator for the tournament has been appointed and is Calabar 2013 Pan-African Universities Debating Championships CA, Mr Tumo ‘Fangz’ Moremedi. We are currently discussing with T.E.C to award the best team and best judge from the tournament with a ticket to the PAUDC in Nigeria. 


Any questions about the tournament should be addressed to Marketing & Communications Tertiary Education Council at +267 3930741, email or the English Speaking Union Botswana at or call Mr. Justice Motlhabani at 72467417.

Justice Motlhabani

On behalf of the ‘Botswana Nationals’ Organizing Committee


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