BIPEDS Asian BP 2012 -Registration Reminder

Greetings Asia,

It is a great pleasure to see the warm response towards the first phase of
Asian BP 2012 registration process. The registration period has been opened
since the 15th of April. However, the registration period will end *soon *on
the *15th of May*. If there is any institution who wishes to register for
Asian BP, you may proceed to the website to do so.

On the 16th of May, we will announce the institutions and the number of
slots granted in the main list. The payment period for the main list is on May
16th – June 16th 2012.

For any information about BIPEDS Asian BP, you may visit:

Website :
Facebook : Bipeds Abp

Twitter : @BIPEDS_ABP2012

That’s all for now folks, hope to see you in Jakarta!


Jaran Walia

Tournament Director of BIPEDS Asian BP 2012



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