Belgrade EUDC 2012 in-round motions and break

Following three days of intense debating in the centre of Belgrade, the in-rounds of the 2012 European Universities Debating Championships have drawn to a close. Ahead of the competition's out-rounds, which will begin tomorrow morning, presents a complete list of the motions discussed so-far this week, and a run down of the ESL and open break teams who will be progressing to the quarter finals.

The quarter final rounds will be streamed live from 10:00 AM Central European Summer Time (GMT + 02:00) by in co-operation with at

Belgrade EUDC 2012 in-round motions.
Round 1:
THB that parents should choose not to send their children to private school.

Round 2:
THB that first nations peoples (such as native Americans) who live in geographically separate areas should be given complete autonomous self-government.

Round 3:
THB that the music industry should not facilitate the come-backs of artists who commit violent crimes.

Round 4:
THB that the Mexican government should remove all limits on law enforcement and the military in the fight against organised crime.

Round 5:
THB that the European Central Bank should unconditionally buy significant amounts of government debt from struggling Eurozone countries.

Round 6:
THW limit the amount that can be spent by corporations in the course of litigation.

Round 7:
THW require the military to recruit soldiers in direct proportion to the socio-economic make-up of their country.

Round 8:
THB that the Palestinians should accept complete de-militarisation in return for a guaranteed sovereign state.

Round 9:
THW allow anyone to take up residence in any country, provided they will not be an economic burden on the state.

English as a second language quarter finals break (total team points shown in brackets).
1. Berlin C (18)
2. Berlin A (18)
3. Utrecht A (17)
4. Tartu A (17)
5. Tallinn A (17)
6. Haifa A (17)
7. Tel Aviv B (16)
8. Tel Aviv A (16)
9. BBU B (16)
10. Galatasaray A (16) =
10. Leiden A (16) =
12. RRIS B (16)
13. Erasmus A (16)
14. BGU B (16)
15. Haifa B (16)
16. Koc A (15) =
16. BBU A (15) =

* Leiden A were deemed to break tenth and Galatasaray 11th, after a coin toss due to teams finishing tied on team and speaker points.

* BBU A qualified 16th for quarter finals, after a coin toss due to teams finishing tied on team and speaker points.

Open quarter finals break (total team points shown in brackets).
1. BPP A (24)
2. TCD Hist A (22)
3. Cambridge A (21)
4. Oxford A (21)
5. ULU B (20)
6. Edinburgh A (20)
7. TCD Phil A (20)
8. Durham A (19)
9. UCC Phil A (19)
10. UCD L&H A (19)
11. TCD Hist B (19)
12. Warwick A (19)
13. St Andrews B (19)
14. UCD L&H C (19)
15. UCD Law A (19)
16. Cambridge C (18)

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